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    The original Waterballs

    The original water balls, Water Zorb is produced by the absolute best material, bubble Velcro closure, unique serial number, product liability and confirm by Force Institute of Technology. See more ..

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    Inflatable pools are a big hit! It now makes it possible to be at festivals, parties, etc. where people gather. Pools come in all sizes. Read more..

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    Start Packet

    Funballz start packet includes 2 pcs. water Zorb, pump, repairkit, carry bag and instruction DVD. The water balls are perfect for events, fun parks and swimming pools.

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    Bumperz, bodyzorbing, bumping is the newest top product from Funballz. The product is great for football, contests, wrestling, etc. See more..

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    Runnerz was our "Bestseller" in 2011 for swimming pools. Runnerz filled with air once and needs no staffing. May take up to 4 pers. Read more ..

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    Bumperz Arena is perfect when you have to do events in limited areas like in cities, festivals, beaches, etc. They come in all sizes.

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    Zorbing is a unique product that can be used on water, grass and snow year round. You can be 2-3 people in the ball. It is a great product for schools, clubs and resorts.

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    Be seen! Funballz deliver various forms of extra equipment for events. we sell among other beach flags, t-shirt, extra blower, floats, keyring etc. read more ..

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    Pearlz Chair made by Funballz.com, inflateable "Ultra Lounger"."Pearlz lounging" represents a whole new wonderful way to enjoy cold drinks and great music in the sun!

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    Funboatz made by Funballz.com.

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    High degree of safety, has always been a part of our core values​​. All Funballz products are tested and all water products are certified by Force Technology. It comes with instructional DVD and manual. Safety first!



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